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Ceiling Roses, Rings and Knobs

Stuc Nola helps you find the ceiling rose that best suits your chandelier. Visit our showroom!

We manufacture and install a wide variety of products, including classical, baroque and innovative models in Montreal.

Luxury Ceiling Roses, Rings and Knobs

At Stuc Nola, we offer luxury ceiling roses, rings and knobs for your decoration needs.

Used mostly to enhance the appearance of a chandelier, a ceiling rose gives a certain balance and symmetry to your entire decor.

Although a ceiling rose may be installed on the basis of its own elegance, it is more commonly chosen according to the style of the light fixture.

However,  the size and shape of the room determine the ceiling rose’s size and shape (circular or oval).

Adding a touch of beauty to your ceiling

Size of your Ceiling Rose

The size of your ceiling rose is determined by the measurements of the room it is going to decorate. Stuc Nola creates beautiful ceiling roses that exactly fit interiors.

We generally multiply the room's width by its length to calculate the ceiling's area in square feet and divide the result by 6. The result of this division, in feet, gives the recommended average diameter of the ceiling rose in inches. 

This method establishes a suggested size, which can be played upon without affecting the appearance of the ceiling rose. In this case, a diameter of 24" to 32" would be suitable.

Providing a collection of ornamental designs for your decoration needs

We Provide:

  • A wide range of rose ceiling designs
  • Coffers
  • Knobs
  • Rings
  • Rosettes

We provide made-to-measure ceiling roses and rings!

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