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Stuc Nola creates traditional, modern and custom designed arches. Call us!

From columns, moldings to pilasters, we offer a wide range of products in Montreal.

Arches for Every Taste

The arch is an architectural element that completes the integration of columns and pilasters with walls and ceiling.

The arch highlights the division between two rooms or living areas by completely enveloping the opening. It may even remind us of the canopy of heaven,  particularly in passages where the arch is extended in length to become a ceiling itself.

Stuc Nola custom designs and manufactures your arches based on your preferences and requirements. Call us!

Satisfying all your home decor needs

The Different Forms of Arches

There are three forms of arches: the semicircular, the elliptical and the segmental. These basic shapes can be altered, especially when it comes to the style of the arch you have selected.

Proportions take into account the size of the Keystone, which is situated at the highest point of the arch's curve. The arch is an integral part of the interior and must therefore blend harmoniously with the room's architectural style. 

Visit Stuc Nola to get an idea of the arch that will suit your home interior!

Various arch designs and other ceiling products

Types of Arches:

  • Flat arch
  • Horseshoe arch 
  • Pointed arch
  • Venetian arch
  • Florentine arch
  • Stilted arch

We manufacture arches made-to-measure!

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4345 rue Majeau

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