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Restorations & Repair

Stuc Nola is the expert you need for architectural and ornamental restoration and repair work. Call us!

We manufacture a broad range of products for your home decor in Montreal.

Restoration and Repair Works

Stuc Nola does various restorative work that perfectly matches your old architectural structures or ornamental plasters.

We can create new sections of moldings identical to your existing ones or restore damage plaster ornaments to its original state. Our mission is to preserve the architectural heritage of your home or building.

Contact our professionals for perfect restoration and/or repair work for any of your architectural or ornamental items!

Expert and professional restoration work for any architectural piece

Managing Your Restoration Projects

Stuc Nola has an experienced team of craftsmen to help you plan and manage your restoration projects. We can recommend designs that incorporate traditional and/or customized ornamental plaster elements.

We deliver restoration projects that satisfy the needs and expectations of clients, be it the repair of an old arch or the embellishment of your ceiling with decorative ornamental elements.

Our experts work in collaboration with you through the planning, design, implementation and aftercare for your complete satisfaction.

Assisting and managing your restoration project from start to finish

Our Wide Range of Products Includes:

  • Rings
  • Knobs
  • Ceiling roses
  • Pilasters
  • Columns

Hire our services for professional workmanship today.


The company also does restorative work that perfectly matches existing architectural and/or ornamental plaster.

Whether they are called upon to create new sections of molding identical to those that already grace your walls or to restore damaged plaster ornamentation to its original state, the experts at Stuc Nola will respect the architectural heritage of your home.

The experienced team of professionals at Stuc Nola are available to help you plan your restoration project and can recommend designs incorporating either traditional or customized ornamental plaster elements.

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4345 rue Majeau

Montréal-Nord, QC H1H 5R7


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