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Ornamental Plaster

Stuc Nola is the leading creator of ornamental plaster moldings. Get in touch!

We provide restoration and repair works through architectural plaster moldings in Montreal

Ornamental Plaster Moldings

For more than 52 years, Stuc Nola has been creating and supplying architectural and ornamental plaster moldings for all kinds of home decorations.

Our product range is vast and has expanded over the years from ornamental plaster moldings to include many forms of classical European architecture and innovative applications of moldings for exterior use.

Give us a call or visit our showroom to order your ornamental plaster moldings!

Offering a wide range of products for your home decoration needs

Custom-Made Moldings

Stuc Nola manufactures custom-made moldings if you don't find what you're looking for in our catalogue. We offer customers high-quality products made by experts in the field.

Whatever the scale of your project, all our items answer to a wide range of tastes and needs, as well as newly built homes and existing structures.

Seize this unique opportunity of custom-making your moldings with the help of a sculptor and/or cabinetmaker! Call us!

Custom-designed and made items for modern and traditional houses

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 52 years of experience
  • Broad range of products of different styles
  • Handles project of any size
  • Manufactures luxury products
  • Tailor-made decoration orders
  • Complex ornamental designs

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4345 rue Majeau

Montréal-Nord, QC H1H 5R7


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