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Call Stuc Nola for unique architectural columns for your home decorations!

We provide a wide range of products for your interiors in Montreal.

Importance of Columns

Columns are a symbol of power and majesty often associated with royal and religious architecture.

In the world of interior design, the stately column is certainly the most widely used and highly valued of all the possible selection of ornamental plaster elements. They lend rhythm to any room and create a timeless atmosphere of calm, beauty and serenity.

The column is a vertical support that usually stretches from floor to ceiling. Call Stuc Nola to determine your column diameter according to your ceiling's height!

Columns add royal charm to your home decor

Columns Westmount

Our Column Selection Guidelines

Columns Montreal,

Stuc Nola can assist you in choosing the columns that best suit your interior and the style that you would like to preserve or adopt.

As a general rule, the diameter of a column should correspond to its height. For example, a column with an 8" diameter is appropriate for an 8' ceiling. A column can be applied freestanding, three-quarter wrapped around an exterior corner, half-flat against a wall, or quartered to fit an interior corner.

We can also create hybrid designs from the different styles of columns available.

Offering various styles of columns

Styles of Column Available:

  • Tuscan
  • Doric
  • Ionic
  • Corinthian
  • Composite
  • Hybrid

Let the experts choose your columns!

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