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Ceiling Medallions, Ceiling Centers

Visit Stuc Nola to decide which ceiling medallion and centre you want for your interior!

We display a wide range of ornamental plaster decorations in our showroom in Montreal.

Ceiling Medallions

Stuc Nola is an experienced architectural molding manufacturer offering different designs and sizes of ceiling medallions.

Ceiling medallions are great additions to any ceiling, particularly when fixed on top of a chandelier or rotating ceiling fans. From decorative ceiling medallions, anchor ceiling roses to ceiling medallions with borders, we have everything you need to complete your interior decoration.

Custom order your ceiling medallion today!

A wide variety of ceiling medallions for every taste and budget

Ceiling Centres

Ceiling centres were originally installed to protect the ceiling from the heat and charring caused by candle or gas lighting. This way, the owner of the property had only to redecorate the plaster Centre Piece.

Today, ceiling centres provide an additional decorating option for those who want to enhance the beauty of their ceiling. 

Stuc Nola provides decorative and traditional ceiling centres to complement any ceiling style. Call us!

The leader in ornamental interior plaster ceiling centre

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  • Over 52 years of experience
  • Broad range of products of different styles
  • Handles project of any size
  • Manufactures luxury products
  • Tailor-made decoration orders
  • Complex ornamental designs

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4345 rue Majeau

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