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Plaster Moldings Manufacturer

Stuc Nola is a plaster molding and ornament manufacturer. Give us a call!

From columns, cornices to pilasters, we offer a wide range of products in Montreal.

Plaster Moldings

Stuc Nola offers various types of decorative plaster moldings for all your decoration needs. Our team can custom design and make moldings that don't feature in our catalogue. 

We have a vast collection of decorative and architectural plaster moldings including cornices, ceiling roses, panel moldings and other decorative plaster products.

Call our artisans for restoration works on your niches and pediments!

Creating detailed custom products for interior designers

Plaster Molding for Interiors

Plaster molding is the perfect interior design material for creating truly stunning decorations. Renowned for their outstanding surface finish, Stuc Nola can create a wide range of ornamental and architectural moldings.

As a cost-effective material, plaster is a great option when planning large-scale interior decoration project for newly-built homes. Whether you need plaster ceiling roses, cornices, panel moldings or interior and exterior arches, we offer an affordable solution to customers.

An affordable and versatile material for decoration ideas

Moldings are mostly chosen like this:

  • Decide which wall will be the focal point of the room, and plan the molding installation according to this choice
  • Choose either full or split paneling according to the height of the ceiling (fig. 1-2)
  • To create interesting variations, choose different panel widths (fig. 1-2)
  • A chaid rail (fig. 3) can be added between split panels or can become the border between bottom-only or top - only paneling (fig. 5-6)

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 52 years of experience
  • Broad range of products of different styles
  • Handles project of any size
  • Manufactures luxury products
  • Tailor-made decoration orders
  • Complex ornamental designs

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4345 rue Majeau

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